Together we had the opportunity to engage in a live talk about the new POLO brand. We pointed out, to our customers and partners, the future of change, modernization and innovation for a 100% Portuguese brand in the optical sector.
Together we strengthened the values and mission statement of the brand, conveying all our trust in the company, in our employees, partners and customers.

Everything in a VISIBLE TRUST

We also toured the factory, located next to the railway station as, in the 1960s, it was the fastest and cheapest way to receive raw materials and to export its products. We accompanied the technological evolution process in the 1980’s, with the production of glass bifocal lenses, becoming the largest European producer of this type of lenses. And also, in 2006, when it established a new manufacturing line for the production of plastic prescription lenses with free-form technology, becoming the first laboratory to produce this type of lenses in Portugal.

The partnership with the University of Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro (UTAD) has been very important, since it has already given rise to several innovative products such as the Safira 2.0 and Adaptations 2.0 lenses with enhanced formula.

Portuguese actor Paulo Pires has accepted the challenge and joined the new POLO generation as Brand Ambassador. This partnership made perfect sense because, together with his family, they personify the pillars of the brand: soundness, sophistication, trust and dedication.

In everyone’s presence, Paulo Pires had the opportunity to visit the factory and say some words, stressing that “I feel very proud of associating my name and that of my family to the best that is done in Portugal in the field of optics, and I wish that you remain as a reference in our country and abroad.”


The day was also one of sociability and relaxation.

Because good eyesight offers us a much higher quality of life and greater self-confidence.

See the gallery with pictures from the event in Vila Real and Lisbon.


The future is in the hands of each one of us. At POLO we will keep up with our commitment to continue our pace of technological innovation, accompanied by a continuous rigorous work, and high dedication.

POLO‘s strategy is reflected in the dynamics and training of its employees, and the company’s success is always based on the dedication of its team, in the production of a wide range of quality lenses, at an affordable price, with an excellent service and a constant commitment to innovation.