POLO, S.A. was founded in 1965 by 100% Portuguese shareholders.

The ambition to be a company of reference in the world of optics, in Portugal and worldwide, has been one of the main drivers of the work and dedication of our entire team, which has more than 100 people. POLO produces and markets high quality ophthalmic lenses and solutions, focusing on the retail trade and on the close relationship with its customers.

It is one of the main exporters of ophthalmic lenses in Portugal and has earned the trust of customers in more than 25 countries worldwide

Some historical milestones


Establishment of the company POLO – Produtos Ópticos, S.A., headquartered in Vila Real, Portugal.


1980s – European leadership in the production of mineral lenses. Currently, the only producer of mineral bifocal lenses in Europe


In 1995, the company was transformed into a Public Limited Company, however, it remained a company only owned by Portuguese shareholders.


The first Portuguese laboratory with a Freeform manufacturing line for the production of state-of-the-art organic prescription lenses is inaugurated.


POLO produces gold-coated mirrors for the GRAVITY project developed by the European Space Agency and the Faculty of Science at the University of Lisbon. The mirrors were incorporated into the VLT Interferometer, the world’s largest telescope array, which is located in Chile.


Pioneers in the introduction of the new ultra-resistant material “High Impact”, index 1.57 with Abbe value of 42 and beveled with water.

First laboratory to launch the Bluecut coating in Portugal, against blue-violet radiation, and anti-fog coating.

Start of the development of a partnership project with the University of Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro (UTAD) to create the Adaptations own-brand photochromic lenses.


Development of the new Anti-Fingerprint treatment


Launch of the new progressive lens with Double Surface technology.


Introduction of the new SAFIRAuv coating that doubles scratch resistance and vision clarity: world innovation using the 2nd most resistant mineral in the world after diamond: CORINDON – SAPPHIRE.

Incorporation of the new VISION PROTECT technology in the lens material, blocking harmful blue rays and providing protection in outdoor and indoor activities.


Introduction of a new coating technology, exclusively developed for high-index lenses, allowing POLO to take a further step forward in terms of quality: better varnish adhesion, greater accuracy in surface preparation and automatic quality control.


Rebranding of the POLO brand.