Trust in technological innovation


A step forward in the sharpness of the material and the purity of the colors perceived. POLO Full High Definition technology corresponds to a new level of high resolution of the manufactured lenses, with a process of continuous improvement in the certification of materials and tinting – with greater visual acuity and more vivid colors. Use of Sapphire, High-Impact and Mineral materials


Versatility of geometries and correct body posture. POLO has implemented new geometries and optimized atoric surfaces, improving progressive vision, avoiding the conventional head tilt and ensuring a broad vision field.

In addition, POLO lenses allow for correct ocular convergence


Innovation in the resistance and efficacy of treatments. POLO has conducted research in the area of surfaces, coatings and nanotechnology with UTAD (University of Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro) in Vila Real. Results: the new POLOSAFIRAuv 2.0 coating guarantees a higher resistance to scratches (2 times more).


Optimization and customization of individual lenses. Through the systematization of physiological and behavioral data collection, with the corresponding analysis of individualized consumer simulations, POLO has optimized calculations and manufacturing processes, guaranteeing sharper vision and faster adaptation.


Protection against blue light rays. POLO has developed a technology incorporated into the lens material, preventing not only the passage of ultraviolet rays up to 400 nm, but also blocking harmful short-wave blue rays up to 420 nm. This technology protects your vision from artificial lighting, digital devices and the sun itself.


POLO has developed a completely innovative new geometry. This new geometry, with Double Surface technology, offers an excellent balance between near, far and intermediate vision, practically free of aberrations. The perfect combination of concave and convex surfaces is the logical step for a new generation of progressive lenses.


The technology used in POLO Adaptations lenses allows them to lighten or darken depending on the light intensity, reducing eye fatigue in a wide range of everyday situations. They now get even darker, faster. Totally clear indoors. Total protection against UV radiation, up to 400 nm.